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See what our customers have to say about Fiber Gourmet below:

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your products! I have lost over 90 pounds and use your products to maintain my weight loss. Thank you again! –  Eileen G.

I just placed another order for your Light Cheese Crackers. They are the best! I have been on Weight Watchers for a year now, and find your crackers must more satisfying than any other on the market. –  Valerie F.

This is the best pasta I have ever had!! It taste better than regular pasta but low calorie and all that extra fiber. – Paige

They taste just like cheez-its!! My husband is trying to eat healthier and he loves them. – Tracy

The kids don’t know the difference, and that’s important when trying to feed your kids better. –  Noelle H.

I LOVE your pasta and your crackers.  I have lost 60 pounds in 8 months and your products are a major reason. – Brad C.

These taste even better than Cheez-its. I eat them with soups, salads, salsa, or right out of the bag. I love the calorie count and feel great about the lab reports that back the claims. – Frances

I am a weight watcher and I have lost 65 pounds!!! I couldn’t have done it without fiber gourmet. YUMMY!!! – Christie

I love these cheese thinables. They are great to snack on by themselves or with a sandwich. And I love that they have lots of fiber and I am eating a cracker that is healthy. This company has great customer service and responds quickly to any inquiry. Shipment was unbelievably fast! -Nancy

Better than any cheese cracker on the market without the guilt. – Kimberly

I am in love with your Fiber Gourmet Cinnamon & Sugar Crackers! This will be my second order! –  Susan 

I’m a huge fan of Cheez-its, but am working towards a weight loss goal and can’t afford the calories (150 per serving). These snacks are perfect for crunching on something while keeping my calorie count low. The plain cheddar are my favs and they are my go-to bedtime snack, love them! 114 pounds down, only 16 lbs to go! Guilt-free snacking, finally. -Dorothy

The healthiest pasta on the market and yet still tastes great. Thank you so much! –  Kelly M.

I am absolutely blown away with how tasty this stuff is for so little calories. Add in the fact that I’m getting all this fiber too and this is my new favorite food brand! –  Andrew C.

Better than any cheese cracker on the market without the guilt. – Kimberly

The folks at Fiber Gourmet have done an amazing job of creating a high-fiber pasta with top-notch taste and texture. There isn’t the slightest hint of graininess, nor does the pasta quickly congeal into a great big ball of mush like those awful low-carb soy pastas that were the rage for all of eight seconds in 2003. – Small Bites (on the Mac & Cheese)

I’ll be a life long customer – Thanks! –  Catherine

Face it, we all need fiber. Why not get it through macaroni and cheese? We didn’t know we could do that until we met Fiber Gourmet. – Whom You Know

I have lost 14 lbs. in 49 days. –  Wallace C.

With those crackers you outdid yourselves! They are not only flavourful and taste more than sinful, no, they are pumped full of fiber, and there are about a gazillion in one pouch, you feel like eating out of a family-size bag and that for a minuscule 80 calories and a whopping 12g of fiber! –  Cristina

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